A working leather shop for sale

Andy’s Leather, www.andysleather.com is for sale. This included all accounts, websites, URLS, machinery, mailing lists and everything associated with this business for the past 25++ years.

Some details are at my ad: https://gunindustrymarketplace.com/business-opportunity-andys-leather/ 

Please email me at langloisandy@gmail.com for further details.

Pricing: I’ll be offering a few different levels of support and pricing for this business.

#1: Spendy, mainly because I’ve spent the past two decades and a half building a client base, I’ll also have to pay taxes on all this which reduces my net.

#2 Affordable, We can negotiate a fair price, you pay me with a genuine paycheck from your company with all taxes paid (Fed, State, Local, etc).

#3 Really affordable, a pile of cash. This can be very affordable for the right person. I’ll help you load everything and get the URLs, Websites and such transferred over in your name on the same day as the sale/closing. I can get your trained here in a few days. If you have previous leather working skills and a bit of web based computer experience, I can get you sorted quickly and efficiently with minimal downtime.

Note: I’ll be asking for a signed non-disclosure agreement somewhere along the way and also ask for a letter of credit from a bank/lender to weed out the tire-kickers.